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Greenbeet Dactyscan

Greenbeet Dactyscan

DactyScan84n is a 10-print Live scan certified according to the FBI IAFIS IQS App. F image quality standard. The Dactyscan84n acquires 4-slaps, 2- thumbs and rolled fingerprints . Its small overall dimensions and low weight increase mobility and fields of applications.

An ergonomic and easy-to-integrate design including all required features needed for seamless and highly efficient fingerprint processing make the DactyScan84n the perfect choice for integrators and solution providers.

An intuitive LED based user interface indicating the scanning sequence and providing image quality feedback further increases the user friendliness of the device enabling even unskilled operators to efficiently process fingerprints. Using the USB 2.0 interface not only for data transmission but also as power supply further enhances the convenience of use of the Dactyscan84n.

Following the main characteristics of the Dactyscan84n:

  • 3.2” x 3” active surface
  • High acquisition speed
  • No external power supply (power is drawn directly form the USB port)
  • Intuitive on-device user interface
  • No moving parts
  • No consumables
  • Well studied ergonomics
  • Easy-to-use table/counter top fixing mechanism

The SDK coming with the Dactyscan84n offers a full set of image processing features:

  • Automatic acquisition stop
  • Ghost print elimination
  • Halo elimination
  • Segmentation
  • Sequence Check
  • Finger sliding detection
  • Incomplete and invalid pattern detection
  • Artefact detection for rolled prints
  • Automatic and manual clipping
  • Marking of missing elements due to bandages or amputations

For Sales Call : 09312289566 / 08588827540