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    Web Design

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    Readymade Software


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What we do ?

Smart Card Solution
Smart Card Solution

From a decade BSD Infotech has delivered a number of applications based on smart..

Website Solutions

A website design is critical because it sells the potential of the internet site it represents..

Readymade Software Solutions in India
Readymade Software Solutions

We strongly believe that this increases business value much more than the..

Customized Software Solutions

Our team of well-qualified professional software developers provides complete support..

Point of Sale Hardware and Software Solutions
POS Hardware & Software

All In One design-the smallest foot print POS in India Footprint no larger-than standard..

Mobile Computers
Mobile Computers

Ultra Lightweight pocket sized design provides instictive data entry and comfortable..

Desktop Thermal Printer
Desktop Thermal Printer

Deliver high Speed 2-inch formats direct thermal labels and receipt that are crisp and clear..

Biometric Fingerprint Solutions India
Biometric / Fingerprint Solutions

Any application requiring authentication or identification can make use of biometrics..

restaurant management software
Restaurant / Cafe management

Our restaurant software (POS Software) is running in various TOP Class Restaurants. The software supports both bar..

restaurant management software

Every club normally has 6 to seven point of sale stations may it be one or more than one restaurants, home delivery..

School management sfotware
School / College canteen management

School / college canteen management system normally called as E-purse solutions ...

Milk Booth
Milk Booth

Every day a lot of people buys milk for daily needs. The biggest challenge for a shop keeper is to keep change. We have ..

Among countless reasons, we can simply list basic five reasons for choosing us like below:

  • Customize Solutions
  • Design open to any kind of changes
  • Designer & User Friendly Interface
  • Fast & Easy Management
bsdinfotech pvt ltd

Software Development and Customization

  • Why we are so successful in customization
  • Customized Web Development.
  • Customized Database Application / Web Application Development
  • Custom software development dne by BSD Infotech is...


Website Designing and Development

  • Website designing and development is the core of Bsd infotech and we do it the way you want it.
  • Customised website solutions
  • e-Commerce Solutions
  • Web/Online Applications...


Point of Sale Software and Hardware

  • Registration of participants
  • Administration of participants, payments, events and products.
  • Registration Manager
  • Different data export functions


Tally Integration

  • Registration of participants
  • Administration of participants, payments, events and products.
  • Registration Manager
  • Different data export functions

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