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Fan Less POS Solution

Fan Less


Fan-less Design Vent-less Housing
Glaive Pro is a fan-less POS terminal featuring an Intel® Atom™ 1.6 GHz processor and 945GME chipset, providing strong graphic performance. The sealed housing design prevents any inhalation and accumulation of dust particles, increasing the longevity of the terminal.
Glaive Pro


12” or 15” Thin Client POS Terminal Supporting Open Architecture Applications
AL-8500 is a fan-less, thin client point of sale terminal, supporting open architecture applications such as DOS and Linux. Optional, a pre-built WinCE OS is also available for those seeking a Windows-based system. With a simple and reliable design, AL-8500 is the first choice for large point of sale network projects.


12" or 15" Value Fan-less Touch POS Terminal
MegaPOS Lite is a cost-effective fan-less point of sale terminal designed with all of the essential features. The optional peripherals supported by MegaPOS Lite allow additional expandability for different business needs.

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12 ”or 15” Thin Client POS Terminal with Stylish Design
RP-3000B is a compact, fan-less POS terminal dedicated as a thin client platform. RP-3000B features a plexi-glass acrylic front bezel for a sleek and polished look as well as aluminum housing to withstand harsh environments. With its stylish exterior and reliable design, this point of sale terminal is suitable for hospitality and special retail businesses.


Fan-less Design Vent-less Housing
12”, 15” or 17” Fan-less Touch POS Terminal with Stylish Design
RP-3500 Pro is a fan-less, POS terminal with a plexi-glass and acrylic front bezel that create a stylish look for Hospitality applications. The fan-less sealed housing design prevents any inhalation and accumulation of dust particles, increasing the longevity of the terminal.


15" Fan-less Transforming Touch POS Terminal
Gladius Smart is a fan-less, versatile POS terminal designed to transform with various modularized integrations for different applications. Industrial mechanical design concept with no venting holes makes the all-in-one terminal suitable for any hospitality and retail specialty businesses which require reliable, 24/7 operation in a harsh environment.
Retail Smart

Retail Smart

10.4" Fully Integrated Compact POS Terminal
Retail Smart is a fan-less POS terminal, incorporating state-of-the-art design concept to integrate various peripherals into one seamless look. Retail Smart features programmable auto-sleep mode to significantly reduce power consumption.

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