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ACR122 NFC Contactless Smart Card Reader

Contact Less Solution

You need a contactless solution? We can provide it. Our range of contactless products offers a breadth and specificity that might surprise you. IT comprises several kinds of smart cards: some have been designed for specific markets, and others are flexible enough to suit all markets.

We are centered on four primary markets: corporate, identity, proximity payment and transit. Cards are available in both native and multi-application solutions by, for example, combining payment or loyalty features with the contactless application.It consist of three different forms of contactless cards: dual interface cards, hybrid cards, and contactless cards. At Smart Card India, we give you plenty of choices and are able to match your requirements with the solutions that will drive your business forward.

Dual Interface Card

A Dual Interface card is a microprocessor card with two interfaces: contact and contactless. These cards are truly contact and contactless, and are based on a single chip allowing access to both interfaces. A solitary operating system manages transactions in both modes with a high level of security.

SCI Dual Interface cards are well suited for high volume markets that require multi-application cards such as transit and identity, particularly since price differentiation from hybrid cards is important in these markets.

Core Benefits

  • A single component with single embedding and personalization processes
  • Offers more services than full contactless cards and hybrid cards (link between the contact and the contactless     interfaces)
  • Same technical performances and same security (RSA algorithm) as with contact cards
  • Sharing of the same application with the two interfaces, useful for electronic purse
  • Card content checking

A hybrid card is a contactless card to which a contact chip has also been added. There is no link between the two chips. This kind of card provides the benefits of both contactless and contact cards.

Smart Card India' hybrid products combine contactless applications such as ticketing, road tolling, access control and loyalty, with applications on a contact chip. They offer the speed and ease of a contactless operation, with the security of banking and PKI applications.

Due to its high degree of flexibility, this kind of card can be used for specific applications. Hybrid cards are particularly well suited to the corporate market sector as the cards can be used for physical access, logical access and control of corporate applications.

Hybrid cards also offer an intermediate solution for higher volume markets like mass transportation and identity, even if dual interface cards are best suited for these purposes. Electronic purse, retail and loyalty are all potential applications that can coexist on a hybrid card.

Core Benefits

  • New value-added services can be deployed easily via the contactless chip
  • High levels of security
  • Easy migration to contactless
  • The contact and contactless chips do not interact
  • Two different operating systems

The Hybrid Card capabality matrix

Smart card indis's Products Contact Application
Physical and Logical access.
Physical access and e-purse.
Authent IC?
Moneo or Proton
Ticketing and Banking
Ticketing and loyality
Ticketing and e-purse
VISA, Mastercard, CosmopolIC? or MelodIC?
Profile IC Solutions
Moneo or Proton
Banking and Ticketing
VISA, Mastercard, CosmopolIC? or MelodIC?

A contactless card consists of a memory or microprocessor chip connected to an antenna. The antenna and micro-module are embedded into the plastic card body.

Core Benefits

  • No physical contact (less damage and dirty marks) and less wear and tear
  • Ergonomics
  • Faster transactions than with standard 'contact' smart card technology
  • Distance between the reader and the card
  • High data rate (high speed radio frequency between the card and the terminal)
Product name
 BSD lite 1K
 BSD lite 4K
 Transport, Corporate
 Transport, Corporate
 Mifare Classic 1K
 Mifare Classic 1K
 Dual Interface
 BSD CD 97
 Dual Interface
 Dual Interface
 Dual Interface
 Finance Transport
 Finance(VISA menbers)
 Debit, Credit / Mifare
 Java? Platform

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