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ACR123 Intelligent Contactless Reade

Contactless technology revolutionizes the everyday purchasing experience of consumers throughout the world. This ramps up the demand for a powerful product that will provide support for contactless payment applications, and the ACR123 is specifically designed to cater to this market need.

The ACR123 Intelligent Contactless Reader is a cost-effective, flexible and intelligent contactless reader that can be integrated to existing POS (Point-of-Sale) terminals or cash registers to enable the convenience of a cashless payment system. Developed based on the 13.56 MHz contactless (RFID) technology, it supports any contactless card following the ISO 14443-4 standard.

Aside from its contactless features, the ACR123 is equipped with a large graphical LCD that allows merchants to flash messages, as well as a large tapping area with backlight, to guide customers in carrying out their payment transactions.

The ACR123 is compliant and certified with major payment and safety standards such as MasterCard, Visa and EMVCo Contactless Terminal Level 1. ACR123 is compatible with EMV-based contactless payment applications such as MasterCard,PayPass and Visa payWave.

The ACR123, will ease movement in checkout counters, since customers can complete payment transactions by simply tapping their cards. This presents an opportunity to revolutionize the shopping experience through faster and more convenient payments.


  • Serial RS232 Interface
  • USB interface for power supply
  • ARM 32-bit CortexTM-M3 Processor
  • Smart Card Reader:
    • Read/Write speed of up to 848 kbps
    • Built-in antenna for contactless card access, with card reading distance of up to 50 mm (depending on tag type)
    • Support for ISO 14443 Part 4 Type A and B cards and Mifare series
    • Built-in anti-collision feature
    • Three ISO 7816 compliant SAM slots
  • Payment Applications:
    • MasterCard PayPass™ Mag Stripe and M/Chip
    • Visa payWave MSD and qVSDC
  • Built-in Peripherals:
    • Four-line graphic LCD (128 x 64 pixels)
    • Four user-controllable LEDs (Blue, Yellow, Green, and Red)
    • Controllable tapping region backlight (Red, Green and Blue)
    • User-controllable speaker (Audio tone indication)
    • Micro-SD card slot


  • e-Government
  • e-Banking  and e-Payment
  • e-Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Network Security
  • Access Control
  • Automatic Fare Collection
  • Public Transportation Terminal
  • Loyalty Program

Technical Specification

177.4 mm (L) x 100.0 mm (W) x 94.5 mm (H)
RS232 for data communication, USB for power transmission
Operating Distance
Up to 50 mm (depends on the tag type)
Supply Voltage
Regulated 5V DC
Supply Current
500 mA (max.)
Operating Temperature
Operating Frequency
13.56 MHz

Smart Card Interface Support

  • ISO 14443 Type A & B
  • Mifare
  • MasterCard® PayPass™ Mag Stripe and M/Chip
  • Visa payWave® MSD and qVSDC


  • ISO 14443, CE, FCC, VCCI, RoHS, EMVCo Contactless Terminal L1, MasterCard® PayPassTM, Visa payWave®
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